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FLAT 20% OFF | Use Code: YAY


What is the cushion made of? Does it inflate?

It doesn’t inflate, but it is full and fluffy. 

Front side: 8% spandex + 92% Terylene. Reverse side: 100% Terylene Filling; Styrofoam particles 

What’s the max weight for the bathtub?

The maximum weight capacity is 110 lbs.

What is the inside measurement of the length of this tub?

The length of the whole tub is 34.6 inches.

The length of the inside of the tub is: 24.2 inches.

Is there a maximum height/weight?

The maximum weight is 110 lbs. The maximum height is 24 inches when laying in the bath, However, when sitting, up to 45 inches would be comfortable. 

Will the bathtub fit in a suitcase?

Yes, in most standard large suitcases.

What is the max age this bathtub supports?

The bath tub supports newborns and toddlers from ages 0-6. 

Are there issues with getting the cushion to dry out quickly or any molding issues?

As long as the water is fully squeezed out and hung to dry after bath time in a ventilated area, there will not be any issues with mold. The cushion can also be placed in the dryer on a delicate/low setting for a few minutes.

How deep is the tub?

About 9 inches deep.

Where is the product made?

Our product is produced in China with company specifications and testing. All products have been certified according to US Safety Regulations.